Brochures / Reports
Substance Abuse and the Law.pdf MHRA.pdf Summary. Evaluation of tests devices.
AccuSign DrinkChek.pdf
Intercept Oral Fluid Testing.pdf
LifeSign Status Cup.pdf
Saliva Drug Scan.pdf
Biosafe_Mailing_Bag.pdf EyeCheck Varde Barracks.pd
COC_Form_NCR5.pdf OraQuick Step-by-Step .pdf
Testing in the workplace.pdf OraQuick Subject Information.pdf
Red Dot WHO .pdf AFAO Rapid HIV .pdf
Drug Testing Info.pdf EyeCheck™ Pupillometer research.pdf
FDA.pdf Eyecheck Varde .pdf
CSR Sugar .pdf Eye Safety .pdf
Forensics Study.pdf Eyecheck Results Mexico .ppt
Dover.pdf Metronet Rail .pdf
Jack Richman .pdf Anglo Gold (Africa) presentation.ppt
IPS Fatigue Study .pdf  
Drugs of Abuse
AccuSign DOA 7.pdf Intercept THC.pdf
AccuSign THC.pdf Intercept COC.pdf
AccuSign BZO.pdf Intercept OPI.pdf
AccuSign MET.pdf Intercept BZO.pdf
AccuSign TCA.pdf Intercept AMP.pdf
AccuSign BAR.pdf Intercept MET.pdf
AccuSign COC.pdf Intercept BAR.pdf
AccuSign MTD.pdf Intercept IgG.pdf
AccuSign OPI.pdf AccuSign DOA 6.pdf
AccuSign AMP.pdf LifeSign StatusStik6.pdf
AccuSign PCP.pdf QED Product Instructions.pdf
AccuSign Nicotine.pdf Saliva Drug Scan 6.pdf
AccuTest_BUP.pdf AccuTest THC Strip.pdf
Fertility Tests
OvuSign I.pdf LifeSign I.pdf
OvuSign LH.pdf BioSign hCG CE.pdf
Infectious Diseases
BioSign Chlamydia.pdf BioSign HIV.pdf
BioSign Mono CE.pdf BioSign E. Coli.pdf
BioSign H pylori CE.pdf BioSign Rubella CE.pdf
BioSign Salmonella.pdf BioStrep A CE.pdf
BioSign Strep A CE.pdf BioSign Listeria.pdf
BioSign HBsAg.pdf BioSign Malaria.pdf
OraQuick HIV Insert .pdf OraQuick Subject Information.pdf
AccuTest HIV.pdf AccuTest TB.pdf
AccuTest Red Dot HIV.pdf
Cardiac Marker Tests
LifeSign MI Troponin I.pdf"f LifeSign MI Troponin I/Myoglobin.pdf
LifeSign MI CK-MB/Myoglobin/Troponin I.pdf StatusFirst CHF Nt-proBNP
Animal Diagnostics
BioSign FMDV.pdf (foot and mouth)
Tumour Markers
BioSign AFP.pdf BioSign CEA.pdf
BioSign PSA.pdf


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