Drug Testing Africa
  • AccuTest saliva test kit

  • Covers all workplace drugs:

    C: control line             C: control line
    THC             aaaaaaaa BZO
    OPI            aaaaaaaaa MET
    COC      aaaaaaaaaaa aAMP
  • Cassette and collector in sealed pouches
  • Test result after 5 minutes, dispense 1 drop of collected oral fluid (approximately 50μl) into each specimen well.



For 25 years, saliva and oral fluid based drug tests, capable of detecting the most common recreational drugs on-site, have been “showing promise”. But so far, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA (being the world's leading accreditation authority for medical devices) has not cleared or approved any such device. You can make your own search by filling in the "Device Name" you wish to check here: 510(k) Database



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