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  • The most accurate panel 5 test kit available
  • Covers the "big 5 " African workplace drugs:

    THC: marijuana         AMP: amphetamine
    COC: cocaine             OPI: opiates, heroin
    MET: methamphet.     
  • Cassette and pipette in sealed satchel
  • Test result after 5 minutes

Insert: AccuTest 5B Dipstick Test aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Brochure: AccuTest Multi Panel Urine Dipstick Test


Hold the card into the urine for 10 seconds. Remove from urine and replace the cap. Read the test result after 5 (and within 10) minutes.
A red control line coming up at the top of each window shows that the test kit is in working order (shelf life etc).
A red line in the drug window means that you have passed the test for that particular drug.
A missing line is a preliminary positive test result, to be GC-MS confirmed by a laboratory.
A vague line or part of a line is a negative result.


Accuracy - Accuracy - Accuracy

There are three main versions of drug testing kits in use: cassettes/pipettes, cups and dip-sticks. As there are no requirements from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), and most drug testing kits look the same, selection of drug testing kits - for workplace and other critical use - should be based on FDA clearances and performance studies in order to avoid "false negative" or "false positive" test results. In the various - and independent - performance studies conducted, AccuTest™ comes out top ranking in accuracy.

The most important quality of AccuTest™ is its sensitivity to detect drugs which other panels may miss, implicating that an employee may test negative with other drug panels but positive with AccuTest™, which can be an unpleasant surprise for a person arriving at a (remote) work site employing AccuTest™. Likewise, the costs and other consequences of having people stood down, based on a "false positive" drug screen, speaks for itself.

If someone, after having tested negative with AccuTest™, should come out positive in a workplace drug test, it is most likely that the employer is using a test kit that is not FDA cleared and does not perform properly.

The test kit will be sent in a plain envelope and can be expected within two working days.


Substance abuse in the workplace and the law

Let us assist you in meeting your various legal obligations in the workplace, by introdu-cing a fair and equitable D&A program - based on four components:

  • Policy
  • Awareness
  • Testing
  • Assistance

The program is the result of a joint effort between Deloitte Legal, policy making, and Drug Testing Africa, testing equipment and services.


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